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Sakleshpur Trekking Places

Experience Sakleshpur Trekking & Nature Trails

In this website, you will find some beautiful Sakleshpur trekking photos with descriptions just for you. If you are eager to get details about resorts or homestays around Sakleshpur as well as more places in Sakleshpur feel free to follow us on In this page, we will also let you know many offbeat trekking destinations around Bangalore which you can cover within a week. So, get ready to be mesmerized by having some wonderful trekking with waterfalls and breathtaking views.

Do you have immense love for trekking? If your heart says yes, you must choose various places for trekking near Bangalore. Sakleshpur is a gateway of ex-Bangalore. So, this place can be an excellent stopover for you while traveling from Bangalore to Mangalore. These all fun-filled trekking places near Bangalore contain many beautiful waterfalls, hilly slopes, railway tunnels, scaffolds & many more natural attractions.

Best time to visit Sakleshpur:

Most tourists come here for trekking during winter to enjoy the greenery. Western Ghats ranges keep the weather of this hill station always cool and pleasant, even in summer also. This place is mostly known as the ‘Poor Man’s Ooty for its greenery and beauty. The aroma of the plantation, peace, and calm of the region inspires the tourists to visit this place repeatedly.

Most of the adventure lover people favor trekking to enjoy their weekend. The various trekking sites of Bangalore are becoming crowded day by day. So nowadays, the regular trekkers mostly the Bangaloreans are looking for some off-beat places to visit. You will find the name ‘Sakleshpur’ at the top of the list while searching for trekking places in south India. So, in this article, we help you to know regarding this famous off-beat destination place - Sakleshpur and the other trekking places near sakleshpur. So, if you are truly interested in this place, please visit and follow our website.

Trekking Places Near Bangalore

interesting Trekking Places in Karnataka

While planning for trekking near Bangalore, never miss visiting Ombattu Gudda, Pandavar Gudda, Jenekallu Gidda, and other trekking places of this area. Not only on the green valley and slopes, but the Sakleshpur railway trek also offers you amazing trekking journey through a 52 km long railway bridge.

Sakleshpur railway trekking has also immense popularity among those who want to treks around Bangalore. The views of all these places are simply stunning.

railway trek sakleshpur

Sakleshpur Railway Trek is one of the most interesting trekking places in India which is called “Green Route Trek”. In recent time, most of the trekkers reach Donigal Rail Station via train and start the trek thereafter. This track basically starts form Donigal and it ends at the Yedakumeri Station. Some area of this track was abandoned for a long time but after some renovation, it became wider than the previous railway gauge.

The multiple archaic tunnels, old railway bridges, verdant valleys, and the waterfalls of this route will force you to fall in love with them. After a few hours of trek, you will get a thicker forest which will no doubt increase your excitement. The bridges and the tunnels are a few kilometers long. This railway trekking trip will surprise the trekkers in every step with its beautiful picturesque landscape views. This exceptional trek will add more thrill on your Sakleshpur nature trek voyage.

Ombattu Gudda Trek

Ombattu Gudda is the famous vantage point of the Western Ghats, which is 971 meter in height. This hill range is located in the Kabbinale Reserved Forest at the border of Chikmagalur and Hassan districts. It is the most dangerous and toughest place to trek among the all sakleshpur trekking places. You have to cross a few rivers on your way. Trekking in Ombattu Gudda is very risky in the season of monsoon.

If you love to face challenges in your life, you must experience this particular trekking journey. But before trekking, you must keep in your mind that no guide will be available to help you in this point. Though it is difficult but as well as interesting to make a way of your own to trek through the jungle. So, this will be the best option for the adventure lovers. It also offers you the best panoramic view of the entire hilly area.

Mookana Mane Abbi Falls

Mookana Mane Falls is the famous tourist attraction spot of Sakleshpur which will treat you with a great wilderness experience. This place is not so crowded. That is why you can hang out here for a few hours with your family or friends in a calm atmosphere. This place is also known as one of the most popular Sakleshpur Trekking Spots as you have to walk a kilometer to reach the top of the falls. You need to climb up or down some steep surfaces and walk over some hilly slopes or rocks before reaching the base.

This path is very muddy and sloppy with stones. So, the slippery surface becomes dangerous during the rainy season. This falls will flow in full during monsoon and it becomes more attractive than the usual. But if you are a water-baby you must come after the monsoon to have fun. After visiting here your next target destination will be Bisile Ghat which is about 30 km from this falls.

Bisle Ghat Trekking

Bisle Ghat is the most charming sight among all trekking places in Sakleshpur. The evergreen bamboo forest, jungles, potholed roads, thick fern, and grasslands welcome you all the way into Bisle. This is also a very famous trekking area. Generally, tourists come here to enjoy the heavenly scenery by having the 46 km long trek. If you are lucky enough, you can witness a diversity of wild animals like elephants, spotted deer, peacock and more while passing through the forest.

Bisle View Points which is also known as ‘Bisle Betta’ offers you the entire views of the Western Ghats. The enchanting view of Doddabetta, Yenikallu Betta and Puspaagiri mountain ranges will also come hand in hand. Bisle Ghat Trekking trip will treat your eyes and soul if you have come here only for sightseeing.

Murkan Gudda Treks

To reach Murkan Gudda by Trekking you have to walk about 3900 ft during Murkan Gudda trekking through a deep forest. Also, you have to pass two beautiful ranges Kallu Gudda and Saalu Gudda which will make your trip more attractive and memorable. Additionally, you will find a big lake among the valleys of Murkan Gudda. As ususal, you will also find many beautiful waterfalls on your way.

This entire trek provides an eye catching a panoramic view of Kaadumane tea estate and the beautiful Western Ghats in every step. On clear days, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Amedhikallu peak, Jenukallu Gudda, and Ethina Bhuja.

Jenukallu Gudda

Jenukallu Gudda or Jenuka Gudda is the second highest peak of Karnataka. This place is about 40km away from Sakleshpur. Trekking at Jenukallu Gudda is a moderate level trekking point which is almost 6 to 7 km long. It is for your information that this trip takes almost 10 to 12 hours if you are opting for trekking here. The entire way is enough to smooth to walk but the last stretch of this trek is quite steep. On the way, you will have to cross up to 3 mountains which is a common characteristic of every sakleshpur trek places.

The narrow rocky path beside two falls will challenge the trekkers for climbing during the rainy season but you can get a spectacular view of Western Ghats during clear days. The cloudy weather also offers you the heavenly scenery while the misty clouds are gathering in the lap of the mountains. Nature lovers will love to trek here through the rich plantation of coffee and green woods.

Pandavar Gudda Trek

Pandavar Gudda is the famous sightseeing place of Sakleshpur. It will provide you an unforgettable experience which will remain in your heart forever. Here you can also go to the nearest Bettada Byreshawara Temple which is surrounded by hill. This heritage temple is of God Byreshwara which is about 1000 years old. Many tourists come here to visit this place for their historical interest. According to the religious culture of this region, local people think that God Byreshwara guards the entire valley.

Pandavar Gudda also has a prominent mythological background. Local people narrate that the Pandavas used to live here during their vanavasa. So, this place has exceptional mythological importance among people. You can easily reach here via car or you can also climb up to this temple through the built-up steps. There is no risk as the entire road is enough to smooth to drive a car. After reaching on the top of Pandavar Gudda hills, you will get the mesmerizing view of the entire green valley and you will feel like you are floating on the sky.

Trekking Spots Near Bangalore

Trekking in Sakleshpur is not that difficult but sufficient fitness is required to make this entire walk. You have to start your trekking journey mostly in the morning as early as possible. Tourists are advised to be careful at the potholed road and slippery slope during the trek. The entire path is quite slippery so you should wear comfy hiking boots or shoes with better grip while trekking. Naturally, cotton socks absorb sweat as well as provide a better grip. You should carry some dry foods, minimum 2 liters of water for each person, few essential gears such as an inhaler, anti-allergic medicine, and first aid kits in your backpack. September to March is the best time to plan a trip for trekking around Sakleshpur.

You should avoid rainy season for trekking here. Trekking in Ombattu Gudda is challenging for all the time. A compass and a map are always mandatory if you want to go to the jungles. In the forest, you may face elephants also you may not get guides for a few areas, so always try to trek in groups. If you have fear of darkness or height, you should avoid the Railway Bridge Trekking. The pitch dark railway tunnels are full of bats so be careful while passing through a tunnel.


How to reach Sakleshpur? ▼

Sakleshpur is a part of the Maland region which is located on the border of Bayaluseemae and Maland in the Hassan District of Karnataka. This hill station town lies on the Bangalore Mangalore Highway. The distance between Bengaluru and Sakleshpur is 221.2 km by road and takes around 3 h 35 min via NH 48. Bangalore to Sakleshpur Airavat, Rajahamsa, KSRTC Vaibhav bus services is available.

The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport. Moreover, you need not worry about transportation at all because many Sakleshpur resorts provide cost-effective private car transportation along with their accommodation.

Which is the best place to stay near Sakleshpur? ▼

Mookanana homestay & resorts is location in sakleshpur offers an iced bath, fun kid activities, family and child friendly area and granola bar, table tennis, or basketball court, swimming pool, game room, super large screen TV with hundreds of movies.